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         Dog Walking, Pet Feeding, Puppy & Kitten Drop-in Visits, Pet Taxi

Why choose Sam Pet Companion?

Her professionally run business provides a signed agreement, booking confirmation and payment receipt. Sam can tailor the care provided to meet your needs.

Sam will provide first-rate dog walking, cat/rabbit feeding & kitten/puppy day care services every time. Her regular clients can book her service at short notice. She will do her best to support your request.

Dog Walking

Whether your dog needs regular walks or just the occasional day, Sam can help you. She provides one-to-one walks and group walks for dogs in the same household only. She offers 30, 45 and 60-minute walks starting at £9.50

Pet Feeding (Dogs, cats and caged)

If you prefer your cat to stay at home rather than the unsettling experience of sending them to a cattery, Sam can visit as many times per day as you wish. Sam also provides a feeding service for caged animals. From £9.50 this service includes:

  • Topping Up Food/Water Bowls
  • Grooming/Play
  • Administering Medication
  • Cleaning Hutches/Trays
  • Closing Curtains
  • Watering Plants
  • Turning the Lights On and Off

                                              You Have a New Puppy or Kitten?

                                                   Sam Pet Companion can assist you with 

                                                   daytime care when you are unable to provide this. 

                                                   She understands that your puppy can’t go for a 

                                                   walk or your kitten can’t go outdoors until they 

                                                   are fully vaccinated. Sam provides 30, 60 or 90-min 

                                                   kitten and puppy day care visits that allow time 

                                                   for play, litter clearing or toilet breaks and food or 

                                                   water top-ups.

                                                   Prices start at £9.50 for 30 minutes. 

                                                   Additional short visits 'on the same day' are 

                                                   offered at a reduced price.

                                       Pet Taxi

                                               Sam offers pick-up and collection of 

                                               your pet. This includes taking them/and    

                                               you, if required, to the groomer, vet or 

                                               trainer for you. Fetching and dropping off  

                                               your pet costs £13.50 for 60 minutes plus fuel 

                                               costs at 45p per mile.

                  If you haven’t seen the service you require listed, 

                  please contact her and she will do her best to support your needs. 

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